Born out of love for food.

Dive into an ocean of flavour and explore the best food on land – delivered with exceptional style in stunning surroundings, only at the Fin & Fillet.  

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a true original

Fin & Fillet comfortably combines cool continental décor and ambience, with an eclectic menu of fantastic food.  The best of land and sea – in an amazing “anytime out” experience; whatever the moment or the occasion.

A true original, Fin & Fillet is ultimately unique in its approach, with a menu designed dish by dish for pure dining pleasure by our professional chef’s cuisine team.

Our mission is to make you feel relaxed and ease In comfortable, welcoming, sophisticated, ‘superchill’ surroundings. With a choice of delicious menu and wine-list items, whatever your vibe! 

Ultimately, Fin & Fillet makes every sit-down a perfect encounter with style and taste. We offer a fabulous variety of eclectic meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes, with tasty sushi too. A brilliant wine and alcohol menu for awesome enjoyment with no stress!  

Fin & Fillet – where everything we love about food and ambience, is what we bring to you!


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Here are some of our most popular dishes from our scintillating menu, with delectable taste and fabulous presentation!
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Beef Trinchado

Beef fillet strips, lovingly prepared in a secret-spicy, creamy-rosemary sauce, our take on a Portuguese favourite.

Oxtail OMG!!!

Our speciality dish! Slowly braised oxtail, using our legendary recipe & served with pap or mash & mustard sauce.

Burning Volcano Roll

Salmon and cream cheese tempura California roll with yum-yum sauce.

Creamy Prawns

Delicious de-shelled prawns in a creamy garlic sauce – topped with melted mozzarella cheese, in a delectable dream.

Mama's Moussaka

Luscious layers of juicy beef mince, eggplant and potatoes topped with a creamy bechamel sauce & oven baked like mama made it

Inferno Roll

Prawn tempura, avo & cream cheese California roll, with dynamite sauce – tastily topped with crispy panko crumbs.

Mussel Pot

Fresh, fragrant, mussels – steamed with garlic, white wine & a creamy sauce. A pot of flavour!

Lamb Shank

Marinated and slow cooked with love; the Greek way! Rosemary & lemon juice. Served with roast potato and veg.

Salmon Platter

A fiery fusion of 4 Rainbow Reloaded, 4 California Salmon, 4 Fashion Sandwich, 2 Tofu almond Pockets & 2 Sashimi.

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